High School Project Week 2019

This year, we launched our annual Project Week. Our KS3 High School students worked together in groups on a large scale research and design project. Their work incorporated aspects from every subject they study in the High School, from DT to French, English to Science and everything else along the way! One group even brought in a bit of Swedish….

Charity work in Chikwawa

We had planned our annual Year 8 trip to Chikwawa, and when the cyclone and flooding happened, we knew we had to do something. Our Year 8 class decided to set up a crowdfunding page for friends and family overseas who wanted to support Malawians in this devastating time of need. We promised that every penny raised would go to children in Chikwawa to help rebuild their lives.

Year 8 Chikwawa Trip (return)

Year 8 Class Trip to Chikwawa

Every year, all our classes from Year 6 upwards go on an annual trip that lasts between 3 days to a week. Our Year 8 class was the first class to venture out this year with a weekend down in Chikwawa for a weekend of friendship, bonding and meaningful experiences including a walk to Majete and an excellent game drive.


First ever High School Production: Boxes

Hillview International School proudly presents “Boxes” – a vignette production by our High School students! This show takes a look at adolescent life and how society makes assumptions about us and puts us into convenient boxes to judge us. Swooping between emotional turmoil and humorous insight, “Boxes” is certainly more than your typical “school play”.