This year, our Key Stage 3 students converted the High School into an interactive exhibition centre as they undertook student-led research projects attempting to answer the question “What makes us human?”

Our students were split into five teams, each with a theme to focus their studies on: artificial intelligence and machine consciousness; the search for intelligent alien life; transhumanism; non-human persons; the gods of Greco-Roman and Norse Mythology. In each team, a student assumed the role of team leader with the task of organising their team and managing time, while every member worked on different aspects of their exhibit, including an unmanned video presentation, information posters, advertising and a digital feedback system.

At the end of the week, after launching their exhibits and visiting each other’s, our students took the time to reflect on their work and told us that the major things they learnt were:

  • Time management
  • Plan before you act
  • Leadership is very challenging
  • Co-operation, tolerance and team work
  • Manage expectations
  • Organisation

We have always been committed at Hillview High to finding new and creative ways to engage our students and help them develop not only their academic skills but their all-round talents and abilities. We’re very pleased with the work our students produced and the skills they developed over the course of the week and we can’t wait to see what they can produce next year!


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