Pre-Nursery is the entry class into Hillview Pre-Primary School, for toddlers aged two to three years.

Our Pre-Nursery Class creates a nurturing and caring environment which provides each child with the individual attention they need to thrive. Our goal is to prepare each child adequately by the end of the Pre-Nursery year, to have a smooth transition into our Nursery Class. We will achieve this through play, social interactions and activities that are designed to be inclusive and personalised for each child allowing them to try on different identities as they explore the world around them.

To achieve our goal, each child is immersed in a curriculum which follows 3 key learning areas:

Communication and English Language 

Effective communication and language skills form part of the essential skills needed for literacy. In Pre-Nursery the emphasis is placed on conversational speech and the development of new vocabulary. This is achieved by engaging them in children’s literature, music, role play and sensory activities.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Children learn to explore, engage with others, express their feelings, make their own choices to become more independent. Toddlers progress from parallel play to social play where they learn to share, take turns, follow rules and function within a group. They love imitating adults and their peers as they build confidence and develop social skills. 

Physical Development

Physical education focuses on the development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills as well as perceptual skills. This is a fundamental part of holistic development and contributes to a healthy body that builds a healthy mind. 

The outcome of the Pre-Nursery programme is happy, well adjusted children, who are physically and mentally ready to follow routines and instructions, and who are able to be engaged in activities with others for longer periods of time. They are able to express themselves clearly, communicate with others and have learnt the basic skills necessary to transition to the Nursery Class.