Nursery is the three to four year old class that forms part of Hillview Pre-Primary School. In the Nursery Class, play based learning takes place within an informal environment. 

Our Nursery Class is the stepping stone towards learning different skill sets needed to develop learning behaviours. We continue to incorporate a range of activities within the program that are inclusive and personalised for each child. Our goal is to prepare each child adequately by the end of the Nursery year, to have a smooth transition into our Reception Class. 

To achieve our goal, each child is immersed in a curriculum which follows 5 key learning areas:

Communication and English Language 

Effective communication and language skills form part of the essential skills needed for literacy. In Nursery the emphasis is placed on spoken language and the development of listening skills. This is achieved through auditory and visual activities and experiences within a language rich environment.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Children develop a sense of self-worth and learn how to make and maintain friendships. They develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings. They understand appropriate behaviour in groups and have confidence in their own abilities.

Physical Development

Physical education focuses on the development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills as well as perceptual skills. This is a fundamental part of holistic development and contributes to a healthy body that builds a healthy mind. 

Understanding the World

In Nursery, we create opportunities for children to understand themselves and the world they live in. This is achieved through topic discussion, exploring, observing and experiencing their environment, people, places, and technology. 


Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively through visual and performing arts. To achieve this, we enable them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. Our focus is to enjoy these creative activities and participation is encouraged.

The outcome of the Nursery programme are happy children that have developed independence, who can communicate clearly and are able to use their listening skills effectively. These valuable learning foundation skill sets will enable them to thrive in the Reception Class.