Primary School Uniform
Children at Hillview wear a school uniform from Reception upwards.

Primary School Uniform Requirements

Boys should wear grey shorts/trousers and a light blue shirt. Girls should wear grey skirts and a light blue shirt and if they would like to wear trousers in the Winter months they are welcome to do so. All students should wear black school shoes. Boys should wear grey socks and girls should wear white socks. In Winter, boys may wear long grey trousers, a light blue shirt and a blue school pullover. Girls may wear navy blue or white tights and a blue school cardigan or jumper, in addition to grey skirts/trousers and a light blue shirt. For sports in winter all children may wear navy blue tracksuit trousers. These may be worn with a red sports shirt and blue school cardigan/pullover and either black school shoes, or sports shoes on sports days. Children may also wear a white vest under their uniform, to help them keep warm. Girls and boys should tie back long hair so that it is off their shoulders and the school does not encourage jewellery. Children with pierced ears should wear studs rather than rings, for safety’s sake. Sports uniform should be red t-shirts and white shorts for Reception to Year 6.  Coloured ‘house’ t-shirts can be worn for Inter-House sports events but are not compulsory. For swimming lessons and squads, swimming costumes should be red and all students should wear swimming caps.
High School Uniform

All High School students at Hillview wear a school uniform.

High School uniform requirements

All students at at Hillview International’s High School have two uniforms: “Number 1” (formal) and “Number 2” (casual).

Formal “Number 1” uniform

Formal uniform
  • White branded shirt
  • Red and white striped school tie
  • Navy blue trousers
  • Navy blue smart skirt (girls only)
  • Navy blue socks (boys only)
  • White socks (girls only)
  • Black shoes

The formal “number 1” uniform (including school tie) should be worn every Monday (assembly day).

Casual “Number 2” uniform

Casual uniform
  • Red branded golf shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Navy blue branded skirt (girls only)
  • Navy blue socks (boys only)
  • White socks (girls only)
  • Black shoes

In winter, boys may wear long navy blue trousers and girls may wear navy blue tights; both boys and girls may wear a navy blue High School pullover. Students may also wear a white vest under their uniform, to help them keep warm.

Additional notes about uniform

  • Hair should be neatly groomed and clean, and the style should be smart, with no extreme hairstyles. Long hair must be tied back from the face;
  • Rings and bracelets/anklets cannot be worn, and necklaces (if worn) should be discreet and tucked out of sight. There are exemptions for religious items;
  • If girls’ ears are pierced, for sport/safety reasons they should only wear one pair of stud earrings in the lobe of their ear. Other piercings are not allowed;
  • Shoes should be black, supportive, fitted to the foot and polishable or otherwise presentable. If black trainers, they should be completely black with no visible logos.
  • Students may wear a coat to school; a red branded hooded coat is available from our uniform suppliers. Students should not wear their coats in class, unless the temperature drops severely and their teacher gives permission.

The uniform supplier is RR Trading. They are an independent contractor supplying a service to Hillview International School.

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