Children at Hillview wear a school uniform from Reception upwards.

Primary School uniform requirements

Girls at Hillview International’s Primary School wear a blue-flowered dress and boys wear grey shorts/trousers and a light blue shirt.

In winter, boys may wear long grey trousers and blue school pullover. Girls may wear navy blue or white tights and a blue school cardigan. All children may wear navy blue tracksuit trousers (available from PEP Stores and other outlets). These may be worn with a white sports shirt and blue school cardigan/pullover and either black school shoes, or sports shoes on sports days. Children may also wear a white vest under their uniform, to help them keep warm.

Children may wear a coat to school and where possible this should be blue. Children should not wear their coats in class, unless the temperature drops severely and their teacher gives permission.
Girls should tie back long hair and the school does not encourage jewellery. Children with pierced ears should wear studs rather than rings, for safety sake.

Sports shorts and shirts are also available as are coloured House T-shirts (Y3 and above), swimming costumes (and caps for the girls). Black school shoes, sports shoes and socks are not stocked, but are available in town.

Uniform shop

These items are available at a reasonable cost from the Uniform Shop.

Term-time opening times

Our Uniform Shop is open on Wednesdays from midday until 12:45pm.

You can also request an appointment at other times. Please book by phone or WhatsApp by contacting Eram Parker on +265 995 429786.

The Uniform Shop is privately owned, but operates from school premises.

Uniform and prices

Royal blue cardigan – MWK 8,500 to MWK 12,500
Blue cardigan4-5yrs – MWK 8,500
5-6yrs – MWK 9,500
6-7yrs – MWK 9,500
7-8yrs – MWK 10,500
8-9yrs – MWK 10,500
9-10yrs – MWK 10,500
10-11yrs – MWK 12,250
11-12yrs – MWK 12,250
12-13yrs – MWK 12,500
13-14yrs – MWK 12,500
Royal blue v-neck pullover – MWK 6,750 to MWK 11,250
Royal blue pullover4-5yrs – MWK 6,750
5-6yrs – MWK 6,750
6-7yrs – MWK 6,750
7-8yrs – MWK 8,750
8-9yrs – MWK 8,750
9-10yrs – MWK 8,750
10-11yrs – MWK 10,750
11-12yrs – MWK 10,750
12-13yrs – MWK 10,750
13-14yrs – MWK 11,250
Royal blue sleeveless tank top – MWK 6,500
Royal blue tanktopRoyal blue sleeveless tank top worn by all Primary School pupils
White sports round-neck t-shirt – MWK 3,750 to MWK 5,000
Age 4-5 – MWK 3,750
 Age 5-6 – MWK 3,750
 Age 6-7 – MWK 4,250
 Age 7-8 – MWK 4,250
 Age 8-9 – MWK 4,250
 Age 9-10 – MWK 5,000
 Age 10-11 – MWK 5,000
White socks/grey socks – MWK 1,000
Socks worn by all Primary School pupils
Navy blue stockings – MWK 4,250
Navy blue stockings worn by all Primary School girls
Royal blue cricket hats – MWK 7,500
Royal blue cricket hatRoyal blue cricket hats worn by all Primary School pupils
Red hoodie with fleece lining – MWK 19,650
Red hoodieRed hoodie worn by all Primary School pupils
Flower print dress – MWK 5,250
Blue flower print dress, worn by all Primary School girls.
Light blue shirt – MWK 4,500 to MWK 5,500
Light blue shirt4-5yrs – MWK 4,500
5-6yrs – MWK 4,750
6-7yrs – MWK 4,750
7-8yrs – MWK 5,000
8-9yrs – MWK 5,000
9-10yrs – MWK 5,000
10-11yrs – MWK 5,250
11-12yrs – MWK 5,250
12-13yrs – MWK 5,500
13-14yrs – MWK 5500
Grey shorts – MWK 9,050
Grey shortsGrey shorts worn by all Primary School boys
Grey trousers – MWK 10,500
Grey trousersGrey trousers worn by all Primary School boys
White PE shorts – MWK 6,250
White PE shortsWhite PE shorts worn by all Primary School pupils
Red/yellow/green house t-shirt – MWK 4,500

House t-shirts worn by all Primary School pupils

Red dri-fit golf t-shirts – MWK 8,950 to MWK 12,750
Red dri-fit golf shirtAge 4-12 – MWK 8,950
Age 13+ – MWK 12,750
Red golf caps – MWK 6,250
Red golf capRed golf caps worn by all Primary School pupils
Red girls' swimming costume – MWK 16,000
Red girls’ swimming costume worn by all Hillview School girls
Red boys' swimming costume – MWK 12,000
Red swimming shortsRed boys’ swimming costume worn by all Primary School boys
Swimming caps (red/yellow/green) – MWK 5,500
Swimming caps worn by all Primary School pupils
Red rash vests – MWK 10,500
Red rash vests worn by all Primary School pupils
Red sports bag – MWK 5,000
Red sports bags by all Primary School pupils