All High School students at Hillview wear a school uniform.

High School uniform requirements

All students at at Hillview International’s High School have two uniforms: “Number 1” (formal) and “Number 2” (casual).

Formal “Number 1” uniform

Formal uniform
  • White branded shirt
  • Red and white striped school tie
  • Navy blue trousers
  • Navy blue smart skirt (girls only)
  • Navy blue socks (boys only)
  • White socks (girls only)
  • Black shoes

The formal “number 1” uniform (including school tie) should be worn every Monday (assembly day).

Casual “Number 2” uniform

Casual uniform
  • Red branded golf shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Navy blue branded skirt (girls only)
  • Navy blue socks (boys only)
  • White socks (girls only)
  • Black shoes

In winter, boys may wear long navy blue trousers and girls may wear navy blue tights; both boys and girls may wear a navy blue High School pullover. Students may also wear a white vest under their uniform, to help them keep warm.

Additional notes about uniform

  • Hair should be neatly groomed and clean, and the style should be smart, with no extreme hairstyles. Long hair must be tied back from the face;
  • Rings and bracelets/anklets cannot be worn, and necklaces (if worn) should be discreet and tucked out of sight. There are exemptions for religious items;
  • If girls’ ears are pierced, for sport/safety reasons they should only wear one pair of stud earrings in the lobe of their ear. Other piercings are not allowed;
  • Shoes should be black, supportive, fitted to the foot and polishable or otherwise presentable. If black trainers, they should be completely black with no visible logos.
  • Students may wear a coat to school; a red branded hooded coat is available from our uniform suppliers. Students should not wear their coats in class, unless the temperature drops severely and their teacher gives permission.