Children are given a broad and balanced programme of Physical Education activities as part of the curriculum. All children take part in a range of tournaments, participating in the Inter-House competitions such as swimming galas and sports days. Some children who are selected for ‘squads’ take part in inter-school sports festivals in a range of sports with other schools within the Association of International Malawi Schools (AIMS).

The main competitive sports are football, netball, tag rugby, hockey, swimming and athletics. Inter-House sports competitions take place throughout the year and are sources of great excitement for the children. The school promotes competitive sports, played in the right spirit, which can help children develop leadership, individual skills, team work and learn how to accept defeat and victory with dignity. Parents are encouraged to watch our sports fixtures.

Hillview International School also hosts community fund-raising events that promote various sports throughout the year, such as a colour run and the football fun day.