Ready to go!Every year, all our classes from Year 6 upwards go on an annual trip that lasts between 3 days to a week. Our Year 8 class was the first class to venture out this year with a weekend down in Chikwawa.

Visiting Njereza Primary School

The class, accompanied by teachers Ms Garson-Hughes, Mr Hughes and Mr Hara, started off at Njereza Primary School in Chikwawa Boma. This is the school that we raised money for after the devastation of the recent Cyclone Idai and floods. In one photo, our students are pointing out the flood water level on a church in the village. To help, we have pledged to support this school to re-establish their school feeding programme.

Ng’ona Lodge and Majete

We were then very fortunate to be able to go on to Ng’ona Lodge and set up camp in preparation of a weekend of friendship, bonding and meaningful experiences.

From our lodge base, we walked to Majete and enjoyed an excellent game drive. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a great braai. Later on, in the evening, we played boardgames, used infrared binoculars for night time animal spotting, played pool, swam, and of course, enjoyed delicious s’mores! Students also spent a few hours completing some activities on David Livingstone, who famously travelled the Shire right where we were based at Ng’ona Lodge.

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Thornton’s grave and the trip home

The next morning, we walked to the grave of Richard Thornton, one of Livingstone’s companions, and discussed the significance of his legacy. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and we headed back up the escarpment on Sunday morning to return home.

These trips teach our students independence, self-confidence, leadership and have a host of cross-curricular links. This trip also focused on the role that Dr David Livingstone played in Malawi. Camping on the banks of the Shire River and walking in Livingstone’s footsteps was an incredibly powerful experience for our students.

Thank you, Ms Garson-Hughes, for organising this wonderful trip and also to Mr Hughes and Mr Hara for all of their hard work in making the Year 8 trip such an enjoyable and worthwhile event. It was another resounding success!


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