House system

There are two Houses in our High School, each named after a mighty African tree: Baobab and Jacaranda. All children are placed in a House when they join the High School. Siblings are placed in the same House. The Houses give the children a sense of identity, community spirit and common purpose.

Our houses

House Colour Head of House
Baobab Orange Ms Garson-Hughes
Jacaranda Blue Mr Holmgren

Inter-house competition

Our two Houses compete against each other in a wide range of sporting and non-sporting disciplines, including:

    Merit Awards

    We also run a Merit Awards scheme. Our students earn merits for positive contributions to school life, sport and academic achievement. Upon reaching 30 merits, they receive a Bronze Award, 60 merits brings them Silver, and 90 merits takes them to the Gold Merit Award. Anyone passing this level can continue working towards higher awards such as Platinum and Diamond.