Hillview International School offers an amazing teaching and learning experience at nursery, primary and high school levels.

This page is about our Primary School, but if you would like to know more about our High School, please click here.

Our Primary School has been offering a world-class international education aligned to the National Curriculum of England since the 1950s. With highly qualified teachers and our consistently excellent education standards, our alumni have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, business owners and more. Some of our alumni have attended the world’s best universities.

World’s Best Mathematics Programme

Maths – No Problem!We are proud to be the only school in Malawi offering the Maths No Problem! curriculum. This programme follows the UK curriculum and is based upon the teaching and learning methods that made Singapore the world leaders in student assessments for mathematical ability.

By incorporating current, research-based teaching methods with an emphasis on problem solving we are equipping our students with future skills for a future world.

Rigorous Curriculums and Assessment

We follow rigorous and engaging curriculums and a programme of regular assessment across all subjects. The Cambridge International Education programme in core subjects enables our students to complete the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations at the end of Year 6 allowing for a seamless transition to our fully Cambridge-accredited High School. Students undertake internationally benchmarked Rising Stars assessments to determine competence in English as well as other core subjects and ensures our teaching is constantly adapting and improving to meet or exceed UK standards.

We recognise the importance of reading in improving education outcomes and attaining academic excellence and use the Accelerated Reader programme which has seen our students improving in their reading ages by an average of more than 15 months per year.

Nursery School

For our youngest students, we have Pixie Glen (2 to 3 years of age) and Happy Days (3 to 4 years of age) nursery classes. These nursery classes provide an excellent foundation for our students’ start in education. With access to our Primary School’s specialist teachers for music and movement, PE and French, they are able to enjoy all the wider facilities that Hillview offers, including swimming and computers.

Blended eLearning Platform

We are proud of our excellent e-learning platform, provided through Google Classroom and supported by Google-certified teachers. We will continue to offer exceptional student support through this digital platform, supplementing the teaching we deliver in the classroom. Homework, additional resources and supporting materials will be available through Google Classroom.

These 21st century tools help our students engage in creative and collaborative projects, both inside and outside the physical classroom. Sharing lessons through our e-learning platform allows absent students the opportunity to catch up and empowers students to revisit lessons and improve outcomes through effective revision.

You can try our eLearning platform by clicking here.

Excellent Teacher–Student Ratios

Our school has a strong sense of community and is a place where no one is left behind. Teachers and students build strong relationships which allow teachers to tailor their instruction to all learners. This is something only possible in a single stream school with small class sizes.

Daily School Bus between Blantyre and Limbe

Every morning, our school bus picks up from multiple locations in Blantyre to get your children to school safely on time. At the end of every school day, following the completion of our afternoon programmes, the school bus returns the children to Blantyre to their chosen drop off points.

As a small school, we ask our families what locations they need collecting from and arrange a suitable central pick up and drop off point accordingly to best take care of our school community.

Secure your place in our Primary School

Our fees: MWK 1,876,192 per term
That’s over 15% less than SAIPS and 10% less than Phoenix!

At Hillview, we are committed to maintaining small class sizes and excellent teacher-student ratios, which means that there are only 24 places available for each Primary School class, so if you are interested, please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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