Charmaine Bramsen


HR Subcommittee

Finance Subcommittee

First appointed to the Board in 2022

Qualifications and business

  • B.Soc.Sc Degree with PGCE; M.Ed Special Needs (in progress).
  • Previous work experience: Human Resources, Financial Services, School management and Teaching.

Governance experience

  • Panthunzi Eco Solutions Board Member 2018 to date
  • My first role as a school Governor

Links to the school

Principal and Primary School Headteacher (2019-22) Deputy Head 2017-18 and Class Teacher  2008 – 2018, TA 2007

Why I became a governor

Hillview has been an integral part of my life and career for 15 years. I have been privileged to be part of  the school and have a passion for ensuring management and governance are meet the standards which ensure an excellent choice for families within Malawi who aspire to an international level of education for their children.