Ken Mpemba


Finance Committee Member

First appointed to the Board in 2015

Qualifications and business

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies & Minor in Mass Communication
  • Founder & Executive Director of M’bwana/Malawi Children’s Mission
  • Assistant Pastor, Blantyre Baptist Church
  • Owner Hostaria Restaurant
  • Farmer  of Livestock

Governance experience

  • Board Member Stephano’s Foundation
    (10 years plus)
  • Board Member Younglife Ministry Malawi
    (10 years plus)

Links to the school

I am a parent with three children going through the school over the past fourteen years. My youngest child is currently in Key Stage 1.

Why I became a governor

As a parent of 3 children, two of whom have gone through this school and one who is still in the school, I have a desire to see the school thriving holistically while maintaining the family feel that the school has always been known to have. Hillview is a place where both teachers, students and parents/guardians enjoy being.