Business activity affects the daily lives of all people, as they work, spend, save, invest, travel, and play. Our students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the skills that are required in the business environment and learn about the impact these skills can have on their own lives and on society. This is done through a combination of project based learning exercises, business presentations, competitions, and practical assignments.

Working both in teams and individually, pupils are challenged to complete various practical business tasks to promote innovative and original thinking – often by creating real working business activities, such as running their own stalls at the Hillview Christmas Bazaar.

Student activities include:

  • Creating and presenting their own brand of healthy snack product.
  • Learning financial literacy skills.
  • The impact of technology in business.
  • How to market their own products effectively.
  • Global and responsible citizenship.

Through the knowledge gained in these activities, they are better able to analyse data, improve financial decisions and make better predictions about the future. All this knowledge feeds towards, and acts as a relatable example to the content covered in the IGCSE Business Studies course which they will pick up from Year 10 onwards.

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