The past 20 years have seen the rise in competitive gaming, now known as eSports, and, with this being a common interest among our students, our inter-house competitions include an eSports series across three games (one per term).

We focus on teamwork and sportsmanship within the houses.


Students are divided into pairs within their houses to compete in a 2v2 FIFA tournament.

OpenArena – Capture the Flag

Each house fields two five-player teams to complete against each other in a Capture the Flag tournament using a modified version of OpenArena.


Our headline event of the eSports series is the eight-a-side team Minecraft event. The teams are divided into houses who have eight players active at a time with their housemates supporting, advising and rotating in and out of game seats during the game.

Teams are scored most highly on how they progress and “develop” over the course of the game and they must work together to help accelerate their progress.

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Past winners

Year eSports House Champions
2018-19 Jacaranda