Unit 1 – Stories from the past


  • Use role play and storytelling to develop a complete story
  • Explore the building blocks of a story (characters, setting and plot)
  • Write a story in the past

Unit 2 – Let’s put on a play

  • Role play and perform a play
  • Compare plays and stories
  • Write scenes from a play

Unit 3 –Read all about it!

  • Role play as interviewers and witness
  • Identify the main features of newspaper texts
  • Write newspaper-style accounts

Unit 4 – Strange and wonderful places

  • Perform poems
  • Read and discuss figurative language and structure of poem, including older poems
  • Write poems based on the structure or style of poems read

Unit 5 – Strange but true

  • Discuss in groups with role playing and storytelling
  • Read fantasy adventure stories which have real-life settings and investigate how settings can add to tension
  • Plan and write stories with different settings


  • Using determiners
  • Clauses
  • Expanding sentences using conjunctions
  • Expanding sentences using adverbs
  • Expanding sentences using propositions
  • Direct speech
  • Present tense
  • Present perfect of simple past
  • Using paragraphs


  • Two-syllable words with long vowel sounds/silent e
  • Adding –es, -ed, -ing; dropping silent e and changing y to i
  • Adding suffixes –ed and –ing to two-syllable words; doubling final consonant
  • Words ending in f, ff, lf
  • Consonant digraphs making the f sound: gh, ph
  • Vowel digraph ea; homographs: lead/lead homophones: led/lead, weather, whether
  • Adding noun suffixrs –ion, -ness
  • Letter patterns “ge” and “dge”