Take a look at our Primary French subject curriculum:


  • Greetings
  • Colours
  • Numbers
  • Instructions
  • Pets
  • Christmas

Year 1

  • Revision of colours and numbers
  • Pets and farm animals
  • Family
  • Christmas

Year 2

  • Name
  • Age
  • Numbers to 20
  • Clothing
  • Christmas

Year 3

Greetings and name

  • Say hello and goodbye.
  • What you are called and take part in a French poem.


  • Say what you are called.
  • Ask others what they are called and identify a question word in French.


  • Use some French greetings.
  • As how someone is.
  • Say how you are and take part in a French rap.

Numbers 0 to 12

  • Count up to 12 in French.
  • Sing a counting song.


  • Recognise some family words.
  • Introduce your own family.
  • Read phrases describing family.


  • Say your age and ask others how old they are.

Year 4

On the way to school

  • Say how children get to school.
  • Take part in a survey and ask and answer questions about how they get to school.

Where in the world is French spoken

  • To learn where French is spoken.
  • Work as a team to complete a map of the French speaking countries of the world.
  • Put together short sentences of ways of travelling to different countries.

Year 5


  • Say and sing the French Alphabet
  • Spell a word
  • Spell out a name in French

Places in the locality

  • Use letters and numbers to give coordinates
  • Use multiples of 10 up to 60
  • Recognise and say some places in the locality

Journey to school

  • Follow simple directions
  • Read and understand a short description of a journey
  • Build sentences and phrases of making a journey to school


  • Understand and give simple directions

Year 6

  1. À quelle heure? (What is the time?)
  2. Bonjour! (Hello!)
  3. Quel age as-tu? (How old are you?)
  4. Joyeux anniversaire! (Happy birthday!)
  5. Dans mon sac… (In my bag…)