It was a beautiful breathless day on Friday, 28 September. The afternoon clocked 3:30 and, already children were dumping down huge bags filled with bedding and clothes on our top field for Swimming Camp 2018. Tents were unraveled and colourful domes started going up all over the place. Dads and Mums assisted their young ones to get ready for a night of camping – some for the very first time!!!

There was excitement in the air as the Juniors went into the pool to train and the Seniors racked their brains for new and original war cries to back their Hillview Team and to teach their younger fans. Their beds were laid, their costumes on and they were off into the pool for their training time.

The Juniors came out shivering but ready to have their share of fun. All wrapped up in their warms, we set up their beds and raised another tent – the boys working together to show their really good teamwork skills. Each Junior and Year 5 was given a Year 6 mum or dad to care for them and it was house-keeping time – making sure mozzie cream was applied by all.

After hot chocolate, snacks and getting warm around a bonfire, Year 6’s taught their war cries to their groups, then it was supper time – delicious burgers from Debbie. The next excitement was marshmallow braaiing! We played ‘Jack Jack shine your light’ into the night. A night swim was the highlight for all the children and the it was bedtime. Mr Bray helped everyone eventually get to sleep as the excitement of the day melted into the music from Nkwazi Inn and final rest!

A bright start at 5am allowed most to get up to fofazellas and get on with our Morning Jerks with Mrs Bray and Cross Country with Mr Njunga. We had our breakfast of cornflakes, pancakes with strawberries and syrup. With sustenance in the bodies the energy was back and the seniors went into the pool for their morning training while the juniors perfected their hockey skills with drills and a game of ladders. We swapped stations and the seniors enjoyed a bit of hockey, free time and a water fight, while the Juniors did their training.

We packed bags and let the tents down. Then we were back at the pool for free swim and fun relays. We finalised out Camp with a certificate ceremony and war-cry practice. Thus concluded a memorable Team Building Swimming Camp.

Thanks for all the support from parents, ground staff and teachers! We can’t wait for next year!

Go Hillview!!!!!!

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