Cambridge IGCSE Geography is an extensive course that covers many topics under the broad categories of Physical Geography and Human Geography.

Physical Geography gives students an opportunity to study the Earth, what it is made of, how diverse geological features and systems came to be and how they work.

Human Geography enables students to appreciate diverse cultures and the influence people have on their environment.

Students are encourages to develop a sense of place and an understanding of local, regional and global factors. They will become aware of the characteristics of contrasting physical and human environments and understand the processes that affect the development of these environments.


The aims are to enable learners to develop:

  • An understanding of location on a local, regional and global scale.
  • An awareness of the characteristics, distribution and processes affecting contrasting physical and human environments.
  • An understanding of the ways in which people interact with each other and with their environment.
  • An awareness of the contrasting opportunities and constraints presented by different environments.
  • An appreciation of and concern for the environment.
  • An appreciation of the earth including its people, places, landscapes, natural processes and phenomena.

Syllabus content

  • Population.
  • Urbanisation and settlement.
  • Farming systems.
  • Industry.
  • Weather, climate and natural vegetation.
  • Plate tectonics.
  • Weathering.
  • Drainage basins and rivers.
  • Energy and water.
  • Maps and map reading.
  • Environmental risks and benefits.
  • Leisure activities and tourism.
  • Land forms and landscape processes.
  • Enquiry and investigation skills.

Additional equipment

All students will require:

  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Compasses


Paper title Duration and marks What’s in the paper? Percentage of final grade
Paper 1:
Geographical themes
1 hour 45 minutes
(75 Marks)
Structured questions. 45%
Paper 2:
Geographical skills
1 hour 30 minutes
(60 Marks)
Analysis and interpretation. 27.5%
Paper 4:
Alternative to coursework
1 hour 30 minutes
(60 Marks)
Cartographic and statistical techniques and enquiry skills. 27.5%

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