All our students study Music in Key Stage 3. It covers the requirements of Music, as per the National Curriculum of England.

This class is made up of six topics:

  • Group singing
  • Rhythm
  • Graphic scores/elements
  • Cross-cultural music
  • Instrumental groups
  • Performance

Group singing

Here students learn the different techniques of historical and modern choirs and how to perform them.


Students learn the items in the basic drum kit, plus many other percussion instruments, as well as how to identify, copy and write rhythms.

Graphic scores/elements

Reading and writing music is a big topic. We cover staff notation as well as various tablature for individual instruments. at the same time they learn the theoretical building blocks that make up any kind of music.

Cross-cultural music

Students study music from one different ethnic background, such as Chinese, Caribbean, etc, per year.

Instrumental groups

Each year we study a different set format of musical instruments from popular culture – the orchestra, the rock band, etc.


This module gives students to take all the skills learned throughout the year and put them into practice in group or individual performance, with reference to specific performance techniques.