All our students study Computing and ICT in Key Stage 3. It covers the requirements of the English National Curriculum for Computing with students also working towards the Cambridge ICT Starters “On Track” certification.

This class is made up of four topics:

  • Programming and problem solving
  • Hardware, software and logic
  • The internet and the law
  • Digital literacy and creativity

Programming and problem solving

Our students learn the Python programming language by coding additions and modifications in Minecraft. This gives them visual feedback on the code that they create giving them an interesting and enjoyable way to learn coding.

They will also learn key software design skills like algorithmic design, decomposition and abstraction.

Hardware, software and logic

In this topic, the key components inside a computer are explained along with the way that they work. Students learn about how a computer system’s operations are split between applications, systems software and the hardware. They will develop an understanding of the binary system and how binary arithmetic and Boolean logic underpin the entire function of computers.

The internet and the law

Not only do our students learn about how computer networks and the internet function, but also about the threats faced online and the laws that govern our behaviour in the digital space.

Digital literacy and creativity

Our students learn to be expert users of the Microsoft Office Suite – in particular, Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets), PowerPoint (multimedia presentations) and Access (databases).

They also learn how to use graphic design software (GIMP), website design and video editing techniques to empower them to create engaging digital media.