We introduce the alphabet through initial sounds (lower case and capitals), and start to build simple words phonetically. We also introduce the vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u), and the digraphs ch, sh and th, learning to hear them and recognise them in common words.


Starting with no-word books, we introduce the detail that can be used in storytelling. Using flashcards, we introduce the words needed for the Reading Scheme books, including some High Frequency words. The children continue with these books at an individual pace for the rest of the year.


As letter sounds are learnt, we look at correct formation and a good pencil grip. Known words are used as often as possible on sheets relating to the Collins Literacy scheme, or in the children’s own drawing activities. Constant practice of name writing is also done.


This scheme uses excerpts of stories, or rhymes and poems, to help the children focus on specific areas of learning such as vocabulary, predicting, rhyming, or punctuation.